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 from the creative side


a SYNERGY of young individuals handpicked by The Boss sharing one fact in common— we’re AWESOME.

A team of Kinetic and Innovative beings who put forward new and lively ideas on the table brought about by untainted and Dynamic experiences of Sapiens groomed to lead the next generation.

It means that we’re committed to one thing, and one thing only, that is, pursuing our craft, not brought down by the conventions of norms.

Therefore, you can be sure that we are dedicated and committed to delivering the best possible results.

From Jalan Sultan to Aliwal Street, Fyreflyz has always found its nest in Kampong Gelam.


100% made in Singapore, Fyreflyz was built for people to fit in positions determined by societal needs. But the MsChief of Fyreflyz, knew that the company was made for something more, a progressive and non-traditional training company for the people, by the people.
Metamorphosis happened when Tin, Bjorn and Corey came along.

Together, they rediscovered the light, openness, camaraderie and
everything that was necessary for change and growth
that Fyreflyz had all along.

They made it possible to the journey to be continued.

TBC redefined Fyreflyz to what it is today, an ecosystem where
the young and inexperienced have an opportunity to work
together with like-minded, experienced individuals.
The Fyreflyz Legacy lives on.
To Be Continued


Why we do this

Fyreflyz exists to create possibilities,
to ensure that everyone have
equal opportunities to succeed and
allowing creativity to exists for
everyone and anyone.

We hope to raise and nurture the next generation of ALPHAS that will revamp the marketing and creative landscape.

Through this, we can change the world, one kid at a time.

Super Japan Fest

Kampong Gelam

Koh Bros